Superior Quality Screening System
for Porch, Patio and Deck Screening Installations
as well as Unlimited Special Use Applications
Screen Wall System
from Connecticut Screen Works

US Patents: 7,938,163 - 8,365,805

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Counter Burger Restaurant, Bass Pro Shop - Islamorada Fish House,
Lady Luck Casino, Desert Water Agency

Screen Wall System™ Quality …

Screen Wall System™ panels are virtually unbreakable. We conduct laboratory (controlled) and in-house (real world) testing on our panels.

Shown: 135 MPH wind load testing, 400 LB static load to frame and 44 LB static load to screen.

The Screen Wall System™ is not home center “bargain” product. These are extremely high quality custom manufactured screening panels that are priced accordingly. If you’re considering this system, your budget must
be a minimum of $100.00 to $150.00 per running foot. Your actual cost may be far higher - or lower - based
upon layout, sizes, and other options ordered.

Layout 1         Layout 2         Layout 3         Layout 4         Layout 5         Layout 6         Layout 7

Screen Wall System™ Standard Layouts …

Seven standard layouts are available. Since all are built to order, you are free to move or add Divider bars to best suite your needs -or- design your own fully custom layout.  Review “Standard Specifications & Submittal Package” (CLICK HERE) for specifications, limitations, etc.

Single Panel                  Double Wall Panel          Triple Wall Panel            Quadruple Wall Panel

Screen Wall System™ Screen Wall Panels …

A Screen Wall System™ Screen Wall Panel  is simply a larger master frame assembly with a Standard or custom Layout repeated within it. There is no limit the the number of repetitions allowed. Review “Standard Specifications & Submittal Package” (CLICK HERE) specifications, limitations, etc.

Screen Wall System™ Door Slabs …

We do not offer pre-hung or z-bar style doors - only unhung slabs. Any Screen Wall System™ panel can be used as a door slab. We offer a “Standard” slab - see “Standard Specifications & Submittal Package” (CLICK HERE) for “Standard” slab specifications. We recommend that you fully frame out the door jamb and hang the slab independent of any Screen Wall System™ panels or walls. Since all slabs are also custom manufactured to order, like all other panels and walls, you must specify the exact measurement for manufacture.

Samples of our full line of slab hardware are shown at left. Please see our web store to view all available door hardware products.

Slabs can be hinged as needed and will accept any non-mortise style aftermarket storm or screen door hardware suitable for 1” thick doors.

20x20 .008 Screen                        16x14 .013 Screen                      18x14 .013 Screen

Screen Wall System™ Screen Materials …

Screen Wall System™ panels and walls are available screened with 18x14 .013g charcoal PVC coated fiberglass, 20x20 .008 charcoal coated fiberglass or 16x14 .013g PVC coated polyester. Size restrictions may dictate which material is available for your particular application. Screen may also be installed in a “standard” fashion or in an “upgraded” fashion. Screen installation may also be dictated by sizes ordered.

Connecticut Screen Works
Screen Wall System® is 100%
made in the United States
-US Patents -
7,938,163 - 8,365,805

Designed and Manufactured by
Connecticut Screen Works, Inc.
Wallingford, CT
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The Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® is a commercial grade panel screening system suitable for use in wide range of  residential, commercial or industrial applications.

It can be used on porches, decks, balconies, and patio areas, as well as unlimited speciality applications such as exhaust vents, rf cages, concessions stands, etc.

Screen Wall System™ Basic Information …

Screen Wall System™ panels and walls are custom manufactured to your supplied specifications using our proprietary and patented extrusions and processes. Individual screen panels are available as small as 9” x 9” and screen walls are available up to 16’ x 16’. Almost limitless design options are available and all of our standard layouts can be customized. Several standard and custom finishes are available as well as glass winterization inserts. We ship fully assembled products and raw goods worldwide.

Screen Wall System™ Usage …

Screen Wall System™ panels and walls are not intended, or approved, for load bearing installations of any kind. All roof structures must be fully supported by other means. Also, no panel or wall is currently approved for use as a code compliant safety restraint system. You must have a fully supported roof and safety rails (if required) in place to use this product. Consult and follow your local building codes.


Please Select …

Screen Wall System™ Finishes …

We stock White Powder Coat,  Bronze Powder Coat and Mill.  
We also offer full RAL spectrum Powder Coating, Color match
Kynar Paint, as well as Anodizing, and Metalizing on a custom,
per order, basis.

We stock White or Bronze commercial powder coat finishes.

-Powder Coating Specifications-
White Powder Coating  Tiger Drylac Series 49 / 11340
Bronze Powder Coating  Tiger Drylac Series 38 / 60060

We also offer mill (unfinished aluminum) for those who intend to
apply their own finish. Mill is supplied "as is" from the extruder and
should be fully and properly prepared prior to any finish application.

Commercial Anodizing is available by special order

-Anodizing Specifications-
204 Clear: Alum. Assoc. AA C-22 A-31 (.04 mil Class II)
312 Medium Bronze: Alum. Assoc. AA C-22 A-42/44 (.07 mil Class I)
529 Black: Alum. Assoc. AA C-22  A-42/44 (.07 mil Class I)

Commercial Metalizing is available by special order

Brass, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Copper
 A very economical choice for
historical or period correct installations.

Screen Wall System™ Inserts …

Screen Wall System™ Panels and Walls will accept winterization dead lite inserts. Advanced planning is
required since panels must be sized within the limitations of the inserts.

Retainer hardware can be installed during
manufacture or later after installation.

We offer commercial extruded c-sash wrapped Plexi-Glass or Tempered Glass dead lites. After market dead lites can also be used but we highly recommend that only commercial 3/8” extruded c-sash dead lite panels w/t pile weather seal be utilized. These are available from any commercial glass shop.

Screen Wall System™ Measuring and Installation …

You must first determine how you plan to install your panels or walls before you can determine your
required manufacture sizes.  Review the INSTALLATION SUGGESTIONS page and see which
method would best suite your requirements. Each contains suggested measuring instructions.

Screen Wall System™ How To Order …

Raw materials can be ordered right from our web store, by fax, by mail, or from any stocking Connecticut Screen Works Dealer. Orders for manufactured products must be quoted. (See above)

How to order Screen Wall: CLICK HERE

Screen Wall System™ How to Obtain a Project / Budget Quote …

Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and supply general assistance. Contact our Sales office at 203.741.0859 for assistance. Normal business hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.

How to get a Screen Wall Quote: CLICK HERE

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